The Birth Mask Reveal Training

Karlton Terry
Level 1 starts january 2023

The Birth Mask Reveal “BMR”

Discover a new way to see deeper into the groundbreaking events of your and your child’s birth journey.

The way we enter this world, our life in the womb, as well as our birth journey, all make a deep impression on each of us and leave lasting traces.  These imprints are also clearly visible in our faces.

Every baby – including the baby in us – has an unheard story that they are eager to share – the STORY OF THEIR BIRTH. With a BMR, this story, written into the baby’s physiognomy, can be made crystal clear.

A great potential for profound healing therefore lies hidden behind the “Birth Mask.” When we know how to “read” this and learn how to make the connection between imprints in the tissue and implicit psycho-emotional memories, we can help our babies, and our clients release themselves from tensions and patterns formed during this perinatal period. Babies whose birth story is seen and honored can better shake off the tension that often results in anxiety, impatience, crying, difficulty sleeping, bonding, eating, etc.

How does Birth Mask Reveal (BMR) therapy work?

The BMR discloses details of birth imprints chronicled in the tissues of the face of a baby or adult. These imprints shape our physiognomy and thus stay with us for life.  The psychological an emotional imprints also shape our beliefs, behaviors and our relationships, with others and the world we live in.

Every baby has an unheard story that they are eager to share. By combining ‘accurate empathy’ and increased compassion with BMR techniques, this story becomes visible, and thus witnessed and shared, such that the baby is no longer carrying the imprints alone.

Learning and knowing this story, seeing and honouring the baby’s birth journey can release and heal anxieties and traumas that they would otherwise carry into adulthood. Similarly, an adult BMR can reveal hidden traumas which can be traced back to the person’s birth journey.

The full Birth Mask Reveal training includes 3 modules (each module includes 4 lessons) and enables participants to add a whole new dimension to their practice when working with both children and adults.  Parents and other connected parties can learn how to see their babies more clearly and understand better how to support them.

Participants will:

  • develop ‘mapping’ skills which allow you to survey and map the facial terrain of a fellow human being
  • learn what perinatal events occurred that shape an individual’s behavior and belief systems.
  • learn to discover the implicit memories retained in the tissues and see their psycho-emotional dimension
  • learn how to recognize and distinguish the most important and prominent implicit memories stored in the psyche so that they can be healed.
  • be trained in perinatal healing protocols which engage with the implicit memories from birth
  • be introduced to powerful pre- and perinatal therapeutic modalities including regressive therapy techniques, empowerment techniques, shock deactivation techniques, guided meditations, “re-constellating”  processes and therapeutic techniques for releasing dense neuronal pathways that can hold a person hostage in repetitive responses.
  • participate in a workshop-like setting with Karlton to ground and actualise your learning

“The Birth Mask Reveal – Module 1” is for:

  • Care-givers and Parents who wish to understand a child’s journey through the birth canal to enhance connection, empathy and healing.
  • Birth Practitioners or Therapeutic Practitioners who wish to gain more insight into the birth stories of their clients to facilitate deeper understanding and awareness.
  • Birth Practitioners who wish to progress to complete the Full 3 Level BIRTH MASK REVEAL METHOD TRAINING to incorporate the benefits from BMRs as a valuable tool to add to their own practices, or become a Birth Mask Reveal practitioner.